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You can help St Mary’s in the continuation of its important work in the Geelong region by making a donation to any of these particular Parish activities.

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Welcome to the final week of our Parish Stewardship Program!

In recent weeks we have reflected on:

  • The role of faith in our lives 
  • The importance of coming together to celebrate the Eucharist each weekend
  • Our commitment to growing in faith

We have also considered our parish as a community of faith:

  • Are we a place of welcome?
  • Do we have a clear mission to live the values of the Gospel?
  • Am I making my contribution to parish life by being involved in our Groups & Ministries?

This week brings it all together.  We look to the future – imagining what sort of parish we want to be.  Led by the Lord, we're filled with hope, but we need the support and contribution of every individual if we are to fulfil God's plan for us.

This week we ask you to finalise your commitments by:

  • Signing up for a parish group or ministry
  • Making your meaningful pledge of financial support to the Stewardship Program.

Fr Jim

Leadership Team Thoughts

Why do you think it’s important to support your Parish financially through our Parish Stewardship Program?

“Simply, because the parish would not function, in most facets, without this support. We need to maintain our remarkable Basilica, to keep the parish solvent and alive.”

“A Stewardship commitment financially gives certainty to a level of ongoing finance so that long term commitments and spending can occur. Without the necessary finance, many community parish activities could not be delivered. The first Christian communities set the scene by sharing what they had between each other. What we give to God we get back many times over!”

“Obviously, without financial support we cannot operate as successfully as we want. If we do not address the lack of vibrant youth in our Church now, we are destined to fail in the longer term. Youth programs therefore should be addressed as soon as possible.”

“To continue to provide for those in need in the community by pastoral care and outreach…to help support our Parish schools…to maintain and preserve our Basilica which is heritage listed…to support and encourage youth participation within the parish – the future of our Church.”


Click here to view/download the Parish Groups & Ministries form
Click here to view/download a Pledge Card