Parish Pastoral Council




St Mary's Parish Pastoral Council is the senior advisory body to the Parish Priest.


It comprises both elected and appointed members. It aims to include a range of members to form a broadly representative group that reflects both the parish histories of the St Mary’s and the St Margaret’s parish communities, and the current profile of parishioners of the merged St Mary’s parish. It provides an overview and review mechanism for parishioner ideas, views and issues to be addressed.


Membership (ex-officio) includes the Parish Priest (Fr Jim Clarke), a Pastoral Associate representative and the parish primary school principals.


The offices of Chairperson and (up to two) Deputy Chairpersons are elected by the council from within its membership, and together with the Parish Priest constitute the Parish Council Executive.


Chairperson: Barry Leith


Deputy Chairperson: Brendan Sullivan


The Parish Council is scheduled shortly to review its charter. This charter provides the framework and focus under which the Council operates and was last formally reviewed eight years ago. It is anticipated that the wider parish community will have input to this review.