Due to the increased running costs of the theatre


for adults and children.


Out of consideration for other patrons please arrive well on time for the screening.


You can download a pdf of this month's program HERE 



Friday, 8th June, 7.30 pm


“The Man Who Invented Christmas”


The journey that led to Charles Dickens' creation of "A Christmas Carol," a timeless tale that would redefine Christmas.


1 hr 44 mins (Rated PG) New Release Drama/Biography




Sunday, 10th June, 1.30 pm


“War Room”


This film is an American Christian drama about a seemingly perfect family who  look to fix their problems with the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman.


 (Rated PG) 2015 New Release Family/ Christian Drama

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Friday, 15th June, 7.30 pm


“The Greatest Showman”


Hugh Jackman portrays famous showman P.T. Barnum in this modern musical

written by Jenny Lind.

The story details Barnum's swindling days in his traveling

     three-ring circus.   


1hr 45 Mins (Rated PG) 2017 New Release Drama/Musical   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Sunday, 17th  June, 1.30 pm


“Mary Magdalene Close to Jesus” 


 One of the most dedicated and committed disciples of Jesus Christ, was also one of the most misunderstood. 


1 hr 38 Mins (Rated M) 2000 Religious Drama      


 Friday, 22nd June, 7.30pm


“The Post”


A cover-up that spanned four U.S. Presidents pushed the country's first female newspaper publisher and a hard-driving editor to join an unprecedented battle between the press and the government.


1 hr 56 mins (Rated PG) 2018 New Release Drama


Sunday, 24th June, 1.30 pm


“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”


A young Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek and struggles to get her family to accept him.


1 hr 30 mins (Rated G) 2002 Comedy Drama


Friday, 29th June, 7.30 pm


"Mrs Miniver"


A movie from the “Churchill era” about a British family who struggle to survive the first months

of World War 2


2 hrs 14 mins (Unrated) 1942 Drama/Romance