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Mass Times

Parish Priest: Fr James Clarke        Assistant Parish Priest: Fr. Joe Truong



Please note that there will be NO 7.00am Mass

on Friday Jan.26th 2018.

Because of the Public Holiday - Australia Day - 

only 10.00am Mass will be celebrated.

This week's Reflection: (from the front of the Bulletin)


The Gospel of Mark does not begin with a narrative about Jesus’ birth.

Instead it begins by reporting on the preaching of John the Baptist. Mark wants his readers to understand the important connection between the end of the ministry of John the Baptist

and the beginning of Jesus’ own ministry.


As we learn at the beginning of today’s Gospel reading, Jesus preaches the Kingdom of God in continuity with the preaching of John the Baptist. Like John the Baptist, Jesus’ pronouncement of the kingdom is a call to repentance. Yet Jesus’ preaching is greater than John’s. Jesus begins the time of fulfilment; the Kingdom of God is already here. This will be demonstrated again and again, both in Jesus’ words and in the actions that follow. Jesus’ healings and forgiveness of sins

are signs of the Kingdom of God that he announces in his teaching.


In contrast to last week’s Gospel, Jesus takes the initiative in calling his first disciples. Jesus breaks with tradition and, he himself, invites his disciples to learn from him. Jesus is reported to have first called four fishermen - Simon, Andrew, James, and John.

Jesus promises that he will make them “fishers of men.” These first disciples dropped everything to follow Jesus. We can only begin to imagine what Jesus’ presence must have been like to invoke such a response. While a few of us might relate to such a radical conversion, many of us

would find such a sudden change in ourselves or in another person unsettling.


There are few things for which we would willingly drop everything.

And yet, this is the immediacy with which these first disciples responded to Jesus.

These first disciples were willing to immediately put aside their livelihood, to 'leave their boats behind' in order to make Jesus and the Kingdom of God the most important things in their lives.



Time is of the essence; the fishermen immediately put aside their livelihood

to become Jesus’ disciples – could we consider doing this?

The Kingdom of God is here and now. The time of fulfilment is at hand.

What would happen if we more fully shared this sense and understanding

of the immediacy of God’s kingdom? How might our lives be different?


- Sunday Connection -



Reflection Song: Galilee Song (click on the link)





Prayer for Discipleship


Lord, your love for us is unconditional.

We pray today that we are not just informed by your message in the Gospel,

but rather we are transformed by it.


We pray for your gift of Grace to lead us,

so that our path to discipleship does not lead us backwards, it guides us upwards.


May our daily walk with you fill us with peace and purpose in this life.

May it fill us with profound joy and understanding

as we journey towards eternal salvation with you.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.





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