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Parish Priest: Fr James Clarke        Assistant Parish Priest: Fr. Joe Truong




Parish Farewell for Fr. Maurice Barry
February 25th in the Hibernian @ 12.15pm
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Parish Bulletin:


A Reflection for the Day (from the front of the current Bulletin)



Grant, almighty God, through the yearly observances of Holy Lent,

that we may grow in understanding of the riches hidden in Christ

and by worthy conduct pursue their effects.


We ask to grow in understanding. That's our goal for Lent.

We desire to understand the riches hidden in Christ, and we ask

that we might pursue the effects of those riches, by worthy conduct.

We can unpack this prayer and find our Lenten journey.


Jesus shows us the way in his journey into the desert.

Mark tells us "The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert."

Though Satan tempted Jesus, it was the Spirit who was guiding Jesus into this

experience. Jesus came out of the desert, prepared by the Spirit,

to encounter and face the temptations that would confront him for the rest

of his life - the times leading to his death on the cross.


Lent is a journey in the desert for each of us.

In the desert there is no one but us (you) and ‘the enemy’.

Going into the desert, stripping ourselves of all the noise and distractions

(things that lean us or bend us in the opposite direction) is essential,

so that we can see more clearly, and understand with greater focus

what we are really like - what we are really about.


During Lent, we can see the fault lines, with our eyes wide open.

We can recognize where the battle for integrity really is, where the struggle

for our best self is waged on a day to day basis. Each of us can give

ourselves to concretely discovering the place where we teeter between

doing what we know is right and good and loving, and responding selfishly,

even with revenge and divisiveness.


In the desert of Lent, those choice points become clearer

and can result in our discovering riches that Jesus is offering us in a life

that is more whole and balanced, responsive to his love.


What will entering the desert of Lent mean for each of us?


It will have something to do with being more simple, more focused, more

hungry, but not just for food. Fasting is an important part of Lent - not just on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. The desert fathers and mothers fasted to encounter hunger. When they were hungry, they were more open and listened with greater clarity. We may want to fast from any other "excesses" in our lives,

to create a bit more "space" for insight and realisation,

recognition and reflection - mostly, understanding of the riches of Christ.


An adaption from - Andy Alexander SJ. (Creighton University) 





Reflection Song:(click on the link)


"Lenten Song" by Michael John Poirier 




 A Lenten Prayer


Lord, this Lenten journey is so important for me.

Thank you for giving me this time to get closer to you,

to understand your ways, and to love others as you would.


Be patient with my struggles and keep me in your grace,

so I can trust enough to let go of whatever it is I cling to that is not you.


Grant me more peace and quiet, more space and less distractions,

so I can begin to identify how I can better be your servant in my everyday life.


Thank you for journeying with me.

May I be forever open to receiving your gifts.





A letter to the Parish from:


Fr Dionisio da Silva Sarmento (Divo)

Parish Priest -Mary Immaculate VQQ East Timor (Our Partner Parish)


My dear friends,

I am writing to inform you that this is my final weekend as Parish Priest

of Mary Immaculate in the District of Viqueque, East Timor.


After almost ten years as Parish Priest, this is a very emotional time for me.

I would like to express my deep and most sincere gratitude

to all parishioners for your amazing support and love.

It was my pleasure to visit St Mary’s on 2 occasions.


Our partnership is now in its 9th year and has been a very big influence

during my time in the Viqueque Parish. I would like to thank Fr Dillon

and Mr Barry Leith who first entered into the twinningship back in December, 2009. Our partnership has meant everything to my parish.

Not only financial support worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,

but the friendship and prayer especially. We know about your special prayerful focus for Viqueque each month, also the 4 schools who include us in their prayers and lessons every week.


My dream is that our partnership now endures into the future

under the new leadership of my replacement, Fr Evaristo.


We are currently building 3 new classrooms at St. Estevao school,

and this would not be possible without your ongoing financial support.


Everywhere I look around my parish, there are projects supported by

St. Mary’s. Priests, catechists, teachers, students, seminarians, parish staff that have all benefited from our twinningship.


One of the most important recent projects was the purchase of our new

parish car - with your financial support once again.


You will be remembered in my heart and prayers always. I am so grateful for our partnership and wish you all God’s blessing. May your devotion to my parish, and its very humble people, be rewarded many times in a future

of good health and abundant happiness.


Your most grateful and dear brother,


Fr Dionisio da Silva Sarmento (Divo)

Parish Priest - Mary Immaculate VQQ East Timor



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