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St Mary of the Angels Catholic Parish, Geelong

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Mass Times

Parish Priest: Fr James Clarke

A big Thank You to all who helped make this year's Derby Day Fete a great success. Your contribution supports the Parish Schools as well as the Parish.

Thanks to the many people whose help ensured that no stone was left unturned in the quest for another Great Derby Day Fete:
Stallholders and their helpers, Sponsors, Workers, Donors of goods and Entertainers. 

While the Fete takes the best part of twelve months to put into place, it is the generous spirit so freely given with so many 'hands on deck' that makes the day so special. 

The fund-raising is helpful, but the spirit of community and the engagement of so many people as workers, patrons, contributors of goods for sale, and helpers of all kinds is really the core of our Fete.  

To all Parishioners; to all who have a connection with St Mary’s; to our School Families and the staff of our Schools; to everyone who has helped in any way
– an immense, heart-felt vote of thanks to each and all - 
from the Fete Committee





A sincere thank you to the volunteers who helped with preparation, transport, setting up, selling and packing up at the Show Bag Stall on Fete day. Many, many thanks also to those parishioners, businesses and organisations which supported the stall with donations.


Please support our sponsors


Apco Service Stations Pty. Ltd.; GMHBA; KFC Restaurants; CFA; IBM;

and Mc Donald’s Restaurants.




Many thanks to everyone who donated so generously to the lucky dips.

Your support has been wonderful.


The Derby Date Fete has been a feature of the life of St Mary’s Parish for 17 years, and we would like your feedback and input as part of a review. Please use the link provided and fill out our Online Survey. Thank you.


 Please click here to take the Survey

Our 2017 Thanksgiving Program


We are currently in the midst of the 2017 Thanksgiving Program and asking all those associated with St Mary's Parish to consider making a contribution to the extensive social and community work of the Parish and also to the upkeep our of beautiful Basilica. You can make your gift online by clicking on the links below.


               TO MAKE A REGULAR CONTRIBUTION                             TO MAKE A ONE-OFF GIFT   




Our Parish Prayer

Mary, mother of Jesus and our Mother, bless the community of Geelong and look over all the people who are part of our Parish Community of St Mary of the Angels.  May we continue to live like you and your son Jesus in the spirit of justice, love and peace. 

Parish Vision Statement
With Jesus Christ as the centre point of our faith, and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the members of St Mary's Parish Family strive to live out their Baptismal Commitment as disciples - faithful to the Word of God; to the Sacraments, and to nurturing spiritual growth within the community.