What is “Four for Timor”?

It is the simple idea of giving $4 per week ($208 per year). This small amount, when combined with that of all contributors, can make a significant difference for people in Viqueque.

A commitment of 12 months allows for forward planning and budgeting, and continuity of programs in Viqueque. Contributions can be arranged on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.


How are contributions used and what can only $4 a week achieve or provide?

Lots – the total collection at Masses in the Parish of Mary the Immaculate is an average of $10 per weekend.

  • Salary support for approximately 85 staff at the seven Viqueque Catholic schools. Many teachers work in a volunteer capacity and those on salary are at levels well below government employed counterparts.
  • Scholarship program for Catholic students for further education at university. The average cost for a student to attend university in Dili and to cover basic expenses is about $500 per year. Most bright students don’t go on to further education as families cannot afford it.
  • Modest travelling expenses for seminarians studying in Dili, to enable them to travel to Viqueque several times a year for family visits.
  • Funds to enable Fr. Divo to provide pastorally for his Parish and parishioners.
  • Funds to repair and maintain Parish facilities, most of which are in a terrible state.
  • Assistance with ongoing costs of the children’s orphanage.

How is the project managed?

The Parish Priest of Mary Immaculate Viqueque Fr. Dionisio Diva da Silva Sarmento (Fr. Divo) and the Parish Council of Viqueque provide the St. Mary’s Parish Council Viqueque Sub-committee with an extensive annual budget proposal. The sub-committee reviews and agrees  the proposal to ensure realistic outcomes.

Funds contributed are forwarded quarterly to the Parish of Mary the Immaculate via a bank account in Timor established expressly for this project. Signatures of both the Parish Priest (Fr. Divo) and the Parish Chairman of the Viqueque Parish are required for withdrawal.

 Fr. Divo provides quarterly reports to the sub-committee and regular feedback is provided to contributors.


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Making a regular contribution of $4 per week

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Being contacted in order to get further information

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 You can also contact St Mary's Parish Administration Office (Tel 5222 1977) and leave your details          

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